About MedFi

MedFi International is the leading international and out of state billing and collection solution for healthcare providers throughout the United States.

MedFi wants to be your financial partner and help to improve your revenue performance and increase your cash flow quickly.

The combined impact of our strong international relationships, skilled personnel and a proprietary suite of financial and administrative services has resulted in successful billing and collection activity in more than 62 countries and throughout the United States. We operate solely on a contingency basis, thereby guaranteeing maximum effort at recovering delinquent balances.

The end result: increased cash flow and revenue.

Let us perform a comprehensive evaluation of your service needs and implement our proven measurable solutions for accelerating cash flow, revenue and profits. Contact us at 786-845-8551 or 800-498-5426 (tollfree).

Mission & Values

MedFi is committed to the elimination of provider acceptance of underpayments, slow payments, write-offs and negative cash flow through the seamless and efficient provision of world-class receivable management services and the delivery of tangible impact on the bottom line.


  • We seek excellence in the services we develop, the people we employ and the work we do.
  • We focus on each customer, large and small, and respond to their specific business needs.
  • We operate to exceptional standards of business ethics, transparency, corporate integrity and customer service.
  • We constantly refine our problem resolutions skills in order to help our clients maximize patient revenue.

U.S. Corporate Location

1475 W Cypress Creek Rd., Suite 204
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309
Toll free: 800-498-5426
Telephone: 786-845-8551
Fax: 305-593-5533
Email: info@medfi.net


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