How are service fees structured?

MedFi's fees are performance based and calculated on a percentage of payments collected. Percentages will vary depending on volume and provider type (i.e.; facility or group practice). A pricing proposal will be developed after we evaluate your needs. MedFi clients are invoiced on a monthly basis.

Do you charge a set up fee?

MedFi offers numerous services and some require a set up fee. If applicable, this fee will be outlined in a pricing proposal. Clients will not be charged a fee to access our web reporting tools.

Who will receive claim payments from monies MedFi secures on my behalf?

MedFi can arrange for the provider to be paid directly or to receive payments on the provider's behalf.

Are you able to receive claims electronically?

Yes, we have a variety of connectivity options with the quickest and most efficient being through an EDI connection. See our Technology Solutions section for additional details. However, we can also receive claims by email, mail, fax or courier.

What kind of information do you need from a provider to generate a bill?

To produce a bill, we need a copy of the UB-92 or Superbill, along with a patient's demographic information and insurance ID card. If you do not have the ID card, we will need all insurance information, a list of the procedure/s performed and diagnoses, as well as all charges and authorizations.

How can a provider access their patient billing information?

All MedFi clients can view billing status and other applicable information 24 hours a day through our secured web site.

Who do I call if I have a question?

MedFi assigns a dedicated Account Manager to each provider. Your Account Manager will handle all of your billing questions and needs.

What types of reports will I be given?

MedFi has several standard reports including an Account Summary and Accounts Receivable Aging report. MedFi also has the ability to customize reports to meet each provider's needs.

How can I get started?

You can register on-line at our Free Receivable Analysis page or by calling 786-845-8551 or 800-498-5426. MedFi will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific business needs. We invite you to contact us either by phone or e-mail us ( with any other general questions you might have about international billing and collections. We are here to help.