I have very few international health care claims. Why should we even bother with this type of service?

International health care claims typically make up a very small percentage of a facilitie's overall claim volume. However, it is also common for an average international claim to be significantly larger in dollar value, and more time consuming to collect than an average domestic claim. Whether you have one international claim per month or 100, the specialized expertise required to successfully collect these claims distracts your team from focusing on the receivable management of your core domestic business.

MedFi will help you achieve a greater collection success rate, lower your administrative costs, significantly improve cash flow and provide value-added service to your billing office without any upfront expenditure required by your facility or practice.

Why use MedFi instead of another vendor?

MedFi's staff is highly experienced in the area of international and out of area medical claim processing from billing to collections, as well as managed care contract compliance and auditing. Our multicultural and qualified staff has many years of experience within their respective areas. Our leading edge technologies and relationships with international and out of state payers give MedFi a competitive advantage that is second to none. Our track record speaks for itself. For additional details Contact Us.

What services does MedFi offer?

Receivable management services - billing, collections, managed care auditing and prefunding for qualified payer claims.

Successful billing and collection of international patient claims is highly complex and time-consuming. Most hospitals and domestic billing companies are not equipped to handle and process international health care claims in the most effective and efficient manner. Within the full suite of MedFi services, we specialize in international and out of area claims. Our multi-lingual staff speaks over 29 languages. We have strong international relationships through a network of international recovery specialists and attorneys. Through our operational system and procedures, we are equipped to work in every time zone in the world without restrictions. Our working history and relationships with over 300 international insurance payers worldwide helps us not only collect a higher percentage of international claims, but do so in a timely manner for a large number of the claims.

Can we use one or two of MedFi's services, or do we have to use all areas when an agreement is signed?

MedFi will customize a program to meet your needs by using all or just select options of our suite of services. Contact Us for a Free Receivable Analysis or to request more information.

Can we use MedFi on a claim-by-claim basis or do we have to sign an agreement?

Our best results occur when we provide complete billing and collections services. However, if you have a few claims or recent out-of-area bills that need MedFi's expertise, we are happy to assist in their successful collection. We have a simple one page agreement used for individual bills. We are confident that our expertise will increase your collection rate and lead to a formal agreement where MedFi will perform all your international and out-of-state billing and collection needs.