Combining extensive knowledge of the healthcare market with advanced data collection and analysis technology, the MedFi team accelerates cash flow and helps to improve profits.

Our track record of success is based on our specialized experience, strong international relationships, skilled personnel and technology infrastructure.

Specialized Expertise

According to an American Collectors Association report, dealing with niche markets requires specialized experience in order to achieve desired results.

International medical claims processing and collections is highly complex and subject to ever-changing procedures and requirements from thousands of international insurance carriers worldwide. There are language and cultural barriers, time zone difference, currency verifications, validation of international PPO affiliations and many other challenges not normally encountered in the US domestic market.

The MedFi team offers more than 30 years specialized experience and knowledge of this market gained through strong working relationships with international payers. Additionally, our in-depth industry knowledge of legal and managed care contract agreements make us uniquely skilled at identifying and securing monies from underpayments and other unauthorized payment activities, by managed care organizations and international insurers.

Strong International Relationships

Strong relationships with international payers have a critical impact on the success of your billing and collection results.

The MedFi team has invested the time and resources to understand the operational systems and procedures of international insurers. We keep abreast of evolving international filing regulations, and educate international payers about U.S. managed care payment guidelines and regulations.

Our international network includes skip tracing agents and attorneys to support our collections efforts.

Skilled Personnel

MedFi's services will enhance your business office's ability to deal with international and out-of-state insurers.

Our multi-lingual and multicultural staff is highly skilled in international and domestic medical claim filing. Our collections and problem resolution techniques achieve maximum effectiveness and results on international accounts. We will serve as an extension of your business office and deliver a focused recovery effort that significantly reduces your cost per dollar secured.

Technology Infrastructure

MedFi provides complete logistical and administrative support for the electronic claim submission to payers.

We perform data, charge and payment review procedures to eliminate errors and delays and increase the speed with which claims are submitted. Our technology investment eliminates your need to purchase or maintain costly billing and collection software and equipment. MedFi allows clients to access billing and collection account information through a secure Internet connection. Clients can log on to their secured account and receive real time status reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.