In a competitive healthcare market, a medical provider's business success depends on maximizing patient revenue, increasing cash flow, minimizing operational costs, and navigating a constantly changing managed care marketplace.

This chart illustrates the eroding value of your international and out-of-state receivables as they age.

Source: U.S. Dept. Of Commerce

Working With MedFi means:
  1. A focused HIPAA-compliant business partner with specialized expertise to manage your international and out-of-state medical billing and collection.
  2. Flexible and customized solutions to your receivable management needs.
  3. Elimination or dramatic reduction of administrative work being spent by your hospital or practice, freeing your staff to work on core competencies.
  4. Full-time support from a team of experts you don't need to hire as full-time employees.
  5. Rapid and accurate billing resulting in fewer rejected claims.
  6. In-depth audits of denials for immediate re-submission.
  7. Access to leading edge technology without any upfront IT investment.
  8. Consistent and focused follow-up on all accounts.
  9. Highly skilled and accessible customer service team.
  10. Customized reports including:
    • Financial (e.g. aging, charges, payment, adjustments and month-to-date)
    • Statistical (e.g. class code, provider, procedure)
    • Demographic (e.g. destination, place of origin)

Client-specific reports available upon request.

The end result: tangible impact on your A/R days, revenue and profit